In the Works

Photo: ATM studio
Y25 bogies and UltraRoller wheelsets from ATM

1000 series accessories

ATM provides both NEM couplers and original style "sprung" coupler pockets.

ATM NEM coupler mounts will fit all ATM and N Gauge Society (NGS) one-piece plastic bogies, enabling straightforward conversion.


10 x NEM coupler mounts for ATM/NGS bogies




10 x NEM coupling, medium length - 4mm



10 x NEM coupling, standard length - 5mm




10 x coupling pockets with original rapido couplers/springs for ATM/NGS bogies


12 x 5.1mm "Ultraroller" wheelsets with RP25 profile blackened wheels
12 x 6.2mm "Ultraroller" wheelsets with RP25 profile blackened wheels

ATM UltraRoller wheelsets

ATM UltraRoller wheelsets feature fine profile blackened wheels.
What makes them different is the back-to-back measurement.  Instead of the usual British N back-to-back of 7.2mm, ours are widened out to 7.54mm.  This is the US NMRA (North American Model Railroad Association) standard, and we have found wheels set to this standard offer improved performance on Peco Code 55 track.

They are available in standard 6.2mm diameter for most freight wagons, or in smaller 5.1mm diameter for freightliner wagons, some engineers' flats and other specialist vehicles.  If you are not sure which wheels you need, just send us an email and we'll do our best to advise you!


ATM - The Choice of the Connoisseur

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