In the Works
High Quality products for the discerning N-gauge modeller

ATM was created to offer modellers the finest wagon and rolling stock models in British N-Gauge, 1:148 scale.
Our first two products - the WIA Arbel car carrier and KQA pocket wagon, enjoyed considerable success.

However, the massive improvements in the products available from the mass-market manufacturers since ATM's inception have led to our decision to focus on areas where ATM can still offer distinctive, useful items.

We are now focussing on expanding our range of bogies to assist kitbuilders and enhance the ever-growing numbers of models being produced using 3-D print technology.

Our products are available via Osborne's Models, N-trains, N-tastic shop, BH Enterprises, the N Gauge Society and other selected retailers.

KQA Container "Pocket" Wagon.

KQA Pocket wagon

ATM products are designed to exacting  specifications and to the highest standards.

ATM models are designed for Adult enthusiasts and manufactured in Britain.  For quality reasons some components may originate from outside the United Kingdom
ATM products are no longer available direct.  Stockists include Osborne's models and the N Gauge Society Shop. 


ATM - The Choice of the Connoisseur

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